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by chandigarh_uxowfu

Digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the new economy. Digital marketing is supplanting traditional print, TV and radio advertising because the marketing money has to go where the customers are and today those customers are online. While companies were previously reluctant to embrace digital marketing that all changed with the rise of social media. Today Facebook boasts nearly 2 billion users, YouTube 1.5 billion users, Instagram 700 million users and Twitter nearly 400 million users. Those kinds of numbers mean you’re either on the digital marketing train or you’re going to be left behind at the station. And since someone has to formulate and execute all the new digital marketing campaigns the number of jobs in Digital Marketing has increased exponentially.

Get Your Career Started With a Digital Marketing Course in Chandigarh 

Chandigarh Digital is the premier SEO and Digital Marketing company in Chandigarh. We help companies large and small, new and old find their footing in cyberspace so they can thrive in the new global economy. The breadth of our expertise and depth of our experience makes us the ideal platform from which to launch your Digital Marketing career and we offer the best digital marketing training to get you started.

Who Profits From Taking Digital Marketing Course?

  • Entrepreneurs – Today’s entrepreneurs are stoking the fire that powers the 21st-century economy. While a small number attracts enormous amounts of venture capital right out of the gate the rest typically find they need to squeeze every ounce of value out of limited budgets. They know there is no more cost-effective way to get the word out about their new product or service than Digital Marketing and so they end up taking our courses.
  • Marketing Experts – With old advertising paradigms crumbling those who worked for traditional advertising companies have an urgent need to learn about the emerging field of Digital Marketing, lest they find themselves out of a career in the near future. Many of these bright, motivated professionals sign up for our Digital Marketing training in Chandigarh in order to ensure they stay relevant in the rapidly changing global marketplace.
  • Digital Marketing Pros – Yes even those already involved in Digital Marketing come to us because they need to constantly update their knowledge base both to stay personally relevant and in order to continue to offer their clients leading-edge Digital Marketing solutions that work. The meteoric rise of social media is a prime example of a development few saw coming but which has affected the Digital Marketing profession on a fundamental level.
  • Students – Students looking to ensure a bright future after graduation from the university come to us by the score to learn Digital Marketing. Some want to augment their business degree skillset. Others are seeking a fallback position in the new economy in case their chosen career path doesn’t pan out. And still, others have decided to ditch their previous plans and make a go of it in the Digital Marketing arena. Many compare the Digital Marketing classes offered by their universities with those offered by Chandigarh digital and end up with us because they know we have the real-world experience and connections they need.

Still Not Convinced?

Here are 4 more reasons why Chandigarh Digital is the best institute for digital marketing in Chandigarh.

  1. We explore real industry case studies – There’s nothing like real-world case studies to provide vivid examples of the power of Digital Marketing and the high cost of ignoring it. We look at corporate success stories as well as some spectacular failures to help you get the most accurate picture of how companies that embrace Digital Marketing succeed and how companies that don’t embrace it fail.
  2. Access to state of the art industry tools – We partner with some of the industry’s most important players to provide you invaluable access to leading-edge Digital Marketing tools. You get practical experience other Digital Marketing courses aren’t able to offer and a sneak peek at some of the emerging techs that is going to drive industry growth in the years to come.
  3. Real hands-on projects – There is no substitute for actual experience and we make sure every one of our students gets the hands-on experience they need by executing projects that incorporate a wide variety of Digital Marketing disciplines. The goal is to help you build a comprehensive mastery of this exciting, complex field.
  4. Internship credit – Everyone wants to hire experienced people but no one wants to give you the experience you need to get hired. It’s an age-old problem and one we face head-on. We offer students the opportunity to engage in industry research that can earn them credit toward an internship certificate, so when the time comes to apply for work they have something they can show their prospective employer.

Our Courses

Here are just some of the Digital Marketing courses we offer

  • Digital Marketing Overview – In this course we introduce the business of Digital Marketing to those who have no previous experience with it. We explain the basic concepts behind the art of Digital Marketing, why it has become so important in today’s business world, and the various opportunities that await those wishing to enter the Digital Marketing milieu. If you’re thinking about making a career change or are simply curious about whether a career in digital marketing may be for you this digital marketing course in Chandigarh is a great place to start.
  • Website Design and Creation – Today’s website needs engaging, relevant content that grabs the attention of search engines without running afoul of their algorithms. They also need to have a flexible architecture that’s compatible with both PC and, perhaps more importantly, today’s ever-growing number of mobile devices. We’ll teach you the basics of responsive design that will ensure the website you build either for yourself or a client is accessible to the billions of consumers who now use their smartphones as their primary internet access platform.
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization – At the end of the day it all comes down to SEO. Search engine optimization is what transforms a previously invisible website into one that appears at or near the top of organic search results where customers can see it. 90% of web surfers never venture past page one of the search results. The job of the SEO expert is to ensure the client’s website is on that first page. In this course, you’ll learn the basics of how that’s done.
  • PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising – With a PPC campaign you determine how much you want to spend and then deposit that amount into a Google account. They then deliver your ad along with organic search results. Each time someone clicks on your ad a set amount is deducted from the amount you deposited. When the deposited amount is completely used up Google stops running your ad until you replenish the account. It’s simple in theory, not so simple to do effectively. We’ll teach you the right way to run such a campaign.
  • Affiliate Marketing – In this marketing model affiliates (often called media partners) manage content delivery “channels” such as websites and social media pages. On these channels, they promote various products and services via advertising that, ideally, should dovetail with the content of the website or social media page. When someone purchases one of these promoted products the media partner receives compensation. It’s complex but it works and we can teach you how to take advantage of it.
  • Social Media Marketing (hot!) – As we said at the start there are now billions of people who interact with social media sites every day. This is an unprecedented development few saw coming but which has changed the marketing landscape on a fundamental level. If a company is to prosper in the new business environment they must have a strategy of social media engagement. In this Social Media Marketing course, we’ll teach you how to leverage the power of social media to generate product buzz, website traffic, and conversions.
  • Content Marketing – With Content Marketing the website is used as more than just a place to plead with customers to purchase a product or service. Instead, the website visitor is provided with relevant information about the product or service that enhances their understanding and provides them the means to make an informed decision. In many ways, Content Marketing is marketing for grownups. In this course, we’ll teach you how to deliver top of the line Content Marketing services to your customers large and small.
  • Online Reputation Management – Online Reputation Management is a skill set that is becoming increasingly relevant in a world where just about anyone can post just about anything online about anybody. The Online Reputation Manager (ORM) strives to ensure any mention of the client online is a positive mention. They may also call for the creation of content that bolsters the client’s reputation in the eyes of the public. In essence, ORM is Cyberspace PR. And we’ll teach you how you can become an ORM specialist.
  • Marketing for Mobile – Mobile Marketing is loosely defined as any marketing activity designed to reach a specific audience via their handset or other mobile devices. Common vehicles for the delivery of Mobile Marketing are email, SMS, MMS or social media apps. With Mobile Marketing the marketer is honing in on the specifics of location, time and personal preferences to fashion and deliver precise product and service suggestions. During this digital marketing course in Chandigarh, we’ll teach you how to do it.
  • Email Marketing Fundamentals – With Email Marketing it seems the marketer is always walking the razor’s edge between delivering value and delivering spam. That’s why it’s crucial to understand the fundamental concepts behind this type of marketing; fundamentals that include obtaining permission and managing expectations. We’ll show you how to do both of those and more in this informative and timely course.
  • Google Analytics – Google Analytics is a free service provided by Google that allows a person to see who is visiting their website, what keywords they used to find the site, how long they stayed on different pages and much more. This information is crucial to SEO professionals who use it to optimize the website for specific keywords. This typically results in the site performing better when it comes to organic search results for those keywords, which means more traffic. In this Google certified digital marketing training, we’ll teach you the ins and outs of Analytics.
  • Lead Generation – In a nutshell lead generation entails attracting visitors to a website or social media page where they then provide their information in return for the promise of something in return. That something maybe a piece of valuable research or a discount coupon. Or it could be some sort of special offer like a promotional code they can use while shopping online. Or it could be something else. The point is that out of this transaction you get a high-quality lead that may turn into a future conversion. We’ll teach you today’s most effective lead generation strategies.
  • Ecommerce Marketing – Because as many as 95% of people who shop online don’t actually “convert”, businesses need to devise strategies that will promote a higher rate of conversions. This is called Ecommerce Marketing and it’s basically the art of convincing the visitor they’ll be better off purchasing from you than from the competition. If that sounds a lot like traditional marketing that’s because it is; just adjusted to the particulars of the online environment. In this course, we’ll teach you the difference and how to devise an Ecommerce Marketing strategy that works.


When you decide to take a digital marketing training you’re deciding to increase your chances of having a bright future. Whether you own a business or are planning on becoming a Digital Marketing expert yourself our comprehensive courses will set you on a path to sustainable success.